About us Seroyamart.com is an Indonesian online supermarket, which sells baby products, food, drinks and other groceries.

About Us

Seroyamart is an online mart which sells products which people love. We sell various gourmet food products, household care, personal care and various other daily needs. At Seroyamart we also champion gourmet living, bringing you the best and healthiest products to the comfort of your own home. 


Join us for a gastronomical gourmet living where you start to take charge of your life and do what you enjoy!


Seroyamart.com is a division of PT. Seroya Mandiri. 


Company information


PT. Seroya Mandiri

Jl. AM Sangaji No.11

Jakarta 10130


Tel: 021-6.315.418 (Corporate)

021-6.343.508 (SEROYAMART CS)

Fax: 021-6332775

Email: [email protected]