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1. Our Focus on Premium

We don't sell just about ANY product we can land our hands on. We choose to sell quality products and we verify the products against their reputation in Indonesia and in the World. When you see the product with us, means that product has pedigree. 

2. Making Premium Available for All

Local retailers are known to charge a lot for good and premium brands. We don't think that's right because premium products should be enjoyed by everyone! We sell our products reasonably and responsibly. Find the same product with our price guarantee tag cheaper elsewhere, let us know and we'll give you something in return in appreciation!

3. We Strive to Make Premium Accessible

Sometimes its hard to find premium products at any store near your house. Unless you're privileged enough to live near a premium supermarket, its unlikely you're able to find that product easily. We know that for a fact, because we checked! 

Seroyamart helps you get your hands on all the good and premium brands easily at a click of a button. You need not travel all the way to the glitzy mall in town just to find your favourite brand of olive oil. Moreover, we deliver the product straight to your door, what's premium life if you have to squeeze and queue at the supermarket? (No matter how premium the supermarket is!).

4. Our 7 Days Exchange Policy

We understand that sometimes you change your mind and It's OK to do so when you shop at! Bring us the product back in its original packaging and we will refund you, no questions asked. 

5. We Understand Security

We know how treacherous the online world is and we understand how precious your personal information is. That's the reason why we invested in state of the art SSL technologies that covers the entire website to ensure that you have a secure experience. Our SSL technology encrypts your transactions, clicks, history and other things you do on our website because we know you value your privacy.

6. Pay Securely

We invested heavily in providing the safest and most secure payment processes for your convenience. Our credit card payment systems are secured with the most advanced 3D SECURE system to prevent occurence of fraud and other online credit card theft. We have also teamed up with Indonesia's largest and most secure bank to provide you with the best shopping experience.

7. Buy Today Receive Tomorrow

We know you're in a rush to get your hands on the product you bought and thats why we work with the best to ship your products. When you buy today, most likely you will receive your product the next day. Better yet, we can help you ship the product somewhere else, in case you want to gift and surprise someone special.

8. is Wholly Indonesian 

Unlike other major online shopping websites who are foreign owned (German or Japan), is Made in Indonesia for Indonesians. We love this country as much as you do!

9. Doing Your Part to Save the Environment

By shopping online, you helped reduce traffic on the road and that in turn help to reduce pollution and congestion. Inadvertently, you have contributed greatly to ensuring our future generations continue to enjoy the freshest air.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping at and tell your friends to shop here too!