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Daia Softener Violet 850Gr

Ketersediaan :

Daia is a well known brand in household products. It is one of the top selling brands. Daia detergent has great cleaning power & efficiently remove stubborn stains, is gentle to skin, and contains a fresh fragrance scent that keeps your clothes smelling nice all day long. Each variant has its distinctive functions that fit your need. Daia Floral & Daia Lemon gives fresh fragrance scent to your clothes. Daia White keeps your white clothes excellent white. Daia + Softener ables to clean and softening at the same time. The powerful cleaning efficacy intolerate in blasting stubborn stains and eliminating malodour. It leaves behind long lasting fragrance and freshness on your laundry.  Despite its powerful cleaning efficacy, it is still gentle to fabric fibre and not harsh to hands too.

Rp 21.000