Excelso Robusta Gold Premium Coffee Biji 200Gr

Ketersediaan :

Java is Indonesia’s original coffee planting area, with coffee coming to Batavia (Jakarta) and being planted in the area of Bandung early in the Dutch colonial era. The Arabica coffee plant was brought here from India in 1696 and today its production is centered on the Ijen Plateau, at the eastern end of the island, at an altitude of more than 1,400 meters. The coffee is primarily grown on large estates built by the Dutch in the 18th century. Coffee from Java is unique as it is most often wet-processed, resulting in a relatively clean cup.


Characteristic: A full-bodied yet smooth blend. Aromatic, earthy and smoky with a hint of pepper and chocolate undertone.


Coffee origin: Java

Personality: Bold & Smoky

Available in: 200 grams whole bean, 200 grams ground, 100 grams ground


BODY    3/5

ACIDITY    1.5/5

Rp 25.000